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You know you want to take one home.

As some of you know, about six months ago I shut down my freelance writing site (notice the blank home page) and have let some real good articles on my old site lay dormant without many people visiting them.

At first I thought about submitting them for guest posts but as they were published once on my old site, I didn’t believe it was fair to whomever I was submitting them to, pre-published as they were. This is why I started republishing some of them on my new site. I republished the articles that matched the spirit and themes of Unready and Willing.

But I thought that instead of publishing them here, I could ask anyone if they wanted them.

So here’s my offer: If you want to publish one of my old articles I will delete them from my old site, and the only place on the web the article will appear is on your site as a guest post. All I ask for is a byline and a link back to this blog.

As I haven’t gone to the trouble of deleting all the pages from my old site yet, you can still find them at links below. If you want one of them you can contact me or just leave a comment below and I’ll contact you through twitter or your own website. I don’t care how big or small your blog may be.  I’ll send you the content and I’ll delete the page on the original site. Also, I’ll remove the article from this list.

Here’s what’s available:

Overcoming the Want of Praise – There’s nothing wrong with praise itself, but the want of praise is an entirely different matter. Understand how wanting praise from other people is self-destructive and learn how to kick the habit. Published! New Home: Wasabi Burger

The Slideshow Positive Visualization Method – An effort-free way to incorporate positive visualization into your life. Published! New Home: Venusian Glow

How to Stay Focused– Understand the cause of mental distraction while working, and what you can do to learn how to stay focused. Published! New Home: Lifestyle Design For You

How to Deal with Your Bad Writing – Every writer produces bad writing from time to time. The trick is to not let it affect you emotionally. Learn how the ancient Greeks did this, and how you can too. Published! New Home: The Skool of Life

How to Deal with Criticism in Writing – Guidelines for learning how to deal with criticism in writing. Published! New Home: Freestyle Mind

Find Your Audience – To find your audience’s commercial potential is essential to success in writing. Find out how in three steps.

Kaizen For the Writer – Understand the business philosophy of “Kaizen,” which roughly translates to “Continuous Improvement.” This philosophy is not only for the Japanese industrialists but has promising applications for the writer. Published! New Home: Adventures in the Writing Life

Marketing Your Writing – Marketing your writing is essential if you want your work to be read by a wide audience. Learn how to do it in this comprehensive guide. Published in three parts: Part I, Part II, Part III

Achieving the Flow State in Writing – Learn the secrets of achieving the flow state when writing so that you’ll never have writer’s block again. Taken!

Finding Motivation to Write – How determining your core strength and knowing your purpose can help you find motivation. Although this article is about finding motivation for writers, I believe it’s applicable to any area. Published! New Home: Jimi

50 Surefire Writer’s Block Cures -Original and time-tested cures that get to the causes of writer’s block, not just the symptoms. Published! New Home: Simply Will Do

50 Creative Writing Prompts – Unique creative writing prompts to help you generate great ideas and sharpen your writing skills. Taken!

How to Write a Bio -Your bio is not a condensation of your life events, nor is it your resume. Your bio is the truth about you made fascinating. Learn how to tell it. Published! New Home: The Urban Muse

Rescue Your Darlings – How to take some of the pain out of the revision process. Published! New Home: Writer’s Roundabout

How to Write a Review – A critical review is essentially your opinion in essay form. Learn how to write a review effectively in this short guide. Published! New Home: Clara54’s Weblog

How tor Write a Critique – An effectively written critique is one of the best ways to give people advice. Learn how to write a critique in this short guide.

How to Write an Outline – Knowing how to write an outline effectively can dramatically improve the focus of your writing. Learn the tricks for writing outlines as well as using them effectively. Taken!

How to Write an Introduction – Sometimes the most difficult part of writing is starting to write. Learn how to write an introduction effectively and make the starting part easy. Published! New Home: TheUniversityBlog

How to Generate Original Essay Ideas – How can you generate original essay ideas when you know your college professor has seen hundreds of essays on the same subject?

How Useful is a Creative Writing Degree? – Learn about the alternatives to getting a creative writing degree before you choose your major.

How to Publish a Short Story:  The Pyramid Approach – Discover the method many successful writers use to publish a short story.

7 Rules For Writing Anecdotes – Discover the seven useful guidelines for writing anecdotes. Published! New Home: Pen and Prosper

Tip for Writing Web Articles: Try Writing a Long One – Although most bloggers and internet veterans recommend writing web articles that are short and concise, there’s a place for long articles on the internet. Read on if you’d like to know why.

My hosting for is soon to expire.  It would be nice if some of these posts found a new home.

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