Announcing the new Goldhat Blog

Hello All,

Just a quick announcement today.  I’ve  put together a blog to help promote my web app.

As you might expect,  The Goldhat Blog will have articles on new features as well as some tips and tricks for how to use the app more effectively.  But I’d like to go beyond the regular web app development blog  and spend some time exploring new and creative ideas about making money online, as well as finding ways to promote and create quality content. I also want to write a few articles on the psychology of money and donations. Guest posts on any of these topics will be welcome as well.

Finally, as Goldhat grows I  expect to write a few “success stories” about creative people who have managed to leverage Goldhat to help them make more money doing what they love.

If  this sounds interesting to you, feel free to stop by The Goldhat Blog and check it out.

All Best,


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