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Announcing the new Goldhat Blog

Hello All, Just a quick announcement today.  I’ve  put together a blog to help promote my web app. As you might expect,  The Goldhat Blog will have articles on new features as well as some tips and tricks for how to use the app more effectively.  But I’d like to go beyond the regular web […]

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Finishing Ambitious Projects

Over the course of my life I had started many ambitious projects and had abandoned most of them. I’d begin a project with enthusiasm, but somewhere in the middle I would regard my efforts as feeble and inadequate, and wondered whether or not it all was a waste of time. Forcing myself to work made […]

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Goldhat: A New Way to Monetize Your Web Content

As some of you know, I’ve been working full-time on a web application that I believe could help many more people make money online. Although I had planned not to reveal the concept of the website until it was launched, in order to be able to do business with online merchant account providers I had […]

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